Honoring Mackenzie's legacy through missions



We seek to honor Mackenzie Kind Anderson’s legacy by offering scholarships to teenagers from our community for short-term mission trips.

When we think of short-term missions, we tend to focus on the impact that the trips will have on the communities that are served. However, perhaps the most concrete impact is on the transformation that occurs in the lives of those who serve.

Mackenzie’s worldview was profoundly impacted by her experiences overseas. From Curacao to the Dominican Republic to Ethiopia, Mackenzie learned to care for all of God’s children regardless of race, income, or station in life.


Thoughts from the field

"Hey God,

Thank you for waking me up today and for giving me this amazing view. Because of you, I am able to feel love and feel enough. I don’t thank you for that enough. It’s hard for me to understand how you are listening to me when there are 7 billion people in the world, but I have to remind myself that you are not human. You are literally God. You can do anything if we have faith in you. So, why is it so hard to do that sometimes? Thank you for the bible that is filled with your truth. Thank you for this opportunity. Give me the strength and energy to get through today.

XOXO, Mackenzie

— Mackenzie Anderson, journal entry from Ethiopia